Cakey Muto


Cakey Muto is a cake shop, music cafe and bar run by local resident Octavia Landy. Cakey Muto opened in October 2011 and Cakey Muto has made a Moog cake for the Horrors, a Ché Guevara wedding cake and Octavia has even had an order for "a Watership Down cake where the customer wanted bunnies depicting the cruelty of mankind".

Cakey Muto has also got an amazing jukebox and customers are encouraged to make their own mix-cd for it. Bring one next time you visit, and maybe someone will discover your DJ talent and offer you a gig. Octavia's favourite bands are The Raveonettes, The Rolling Stones and Primal Scream, and her favourite cake is a scone. She reckons the best thing about the Chatsworth Road area is the sense of community; "I can stand on the street and chat for hours!".



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