Chatsworth Cleaners


From left: Semra Ozyurek, Zeka Ozyurek and Ayer Ozyurek photographed July 2012. 

If you're favourite shirt or dress is dirty don't wear it – it will only make you look bad. Andy Warhol said: “ Well-groomed people are the real beauties. It doesn’t matter what they're wearing, or how much their jewellery costs or how much their clothes cost or how perfect their makeup is: if they’re not clean, they’re not beautiful.” So the conclusion is: if you want to score on your next date or prevent your partner from leaving you for a clean person, take your shirt to a dry cleaner. We have visited the one and only on Chatsworth Road.

Chatsworth Cleaners is located on the middle of Chatsworth Road and it is run by Semra Ozyurek and her husband Ayer. It has been a family business since they bought it in 1978. We had a chat with their son Zeka who helps out on busy days. Zeka is a designer and illustrator by trade, and has designed the shop's new logo. He is currently working on a series of sustainable t-shirts, which he is hoping to sell at the market soon.

Zeka is also a keen basketball player, and goes to the courts down in Millfields Park whenever he has time. He thinks it is a shame that the lights are not turned on in the evenings. He has contacted the council several times about the issue and he even did a petition to get the lights turned on. The council never answered his questions or the petition, so after calling them a few more times they said the lights are not turned on because they are not working. Ironically a brand new building was build on the nature reserve nearby across the River Lea, only to be used for training between games by the Olympic teams during the Games.

Despite playing in the dark Zeka loves Chatsworth Road. He has lived here all his life and knows everyone. What he loves about the area is the mix of people and all the different type of shops. “It feels like a small town, but still part of a city.” Zeka told I Love Chatsworth Road. He reckons the Creperie is good for food. He also says the market is good and it encourages people to visit the area.

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Zeka helps out his parents on busy mornings. He is an illustrator by trade. 


Maybe you thought Ayer was only drinking tea with his friends from the grocery shop across the road? But that is after he has been in the steam since 7am most mornings. 


Ayer loves his old machines. This one is from 1946 and still does the job for him. Ayer can do up to 60 shirts in an hour.


Ayer loves his old machines. This one is from 1946 and still does the job for him. Ayer can do up to 60 shirts in an hour. 


Zeka designed this one. 


We love it when people offer us coffee when we visit them. The Ozyureks made us Turkish coffee, which was consumed while looking at the wonderful old photographs of Chatsworth Road.


Chatsworth Cleaners is in the third shop from the right. Apparently Henry Lunken on the corner was a great bakery. Today it is Kebab and Fish & Chips.