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One of the beauties about walking around aimlessly loaded with curiosity, is the surprises you end up finding. Once I was walking down Glyn Road in the rain and I was wondering why British people don't ever wear proper rain protective clothing. Even the kids wear plimsols when the rain hits hard and all they want is to jump in to puddles. A Norwegian friend of mine who recently moved to London made sure her daughter wore a raincoat and wellies when the school mentioned wet play. Little did she know that wet play meant playing indoors because it rains… 
Back on Glyn Road I decided to have a peak in a yard behind some houses, and there I discovered a collective of creatives and I could feel the energy hit me straight away. One of them I recognised from the Sunday Market in the Rushmore school yard; Christa Davis. She has a studio here where she makes beautiful clothes for adults and kids. Most of it is made by blending up-cycled cashmere and silks and vintage fabric. The brands are called Christa Davis, Baby Davis, Davis Lost & Found-Womenswear. Here you find accessories and exclusively one-off pieces. Christa has been in the industry for 22 years and Vogue Magazine named her The Queen of Cashmere in 1998. Back then she lived in west London, but soon after she decided to move to Clapton. She chose Clapton because it was gritty, artistic, cheap and feels truly London. Being a Londoner herself and tiered of seeing areas being gentrified beyond recognition, Clapton appealed with a great community spirit. She says:
 "Money is important but community spirit is important too. Luckily Hackney seems to have both feet firmly on the ground now with small business etiquette alive and kicking. It is still a political area fighting its ground. We hear a lot about Hackney's corruption but more needs to be said for its wonderful community."
Christa Davis opens her studio to the public once a month over several days. She also takes private bookings, offering a made to measure service as well as fittings (weddings etc). Check out her website linked below for more info. If you can't make it to her studio on 178a Glyn Road you can see her in the Rushmore School yard on Sundays, where she runs the market.



Christa Davies 

All photos ©Jørn Tomter

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