Clapton Glass & Joinery


Clapton Glass & Joinery is owned and run by Stan Lench, who set up the business on Chatsworth Road in 1971 when he was a local resident here. Originally in a smaller space up the road, the company expanded and moved down to number 101-107 in 1982. Today Stan lives out in Essex but he thinks Chatsworth Road is a great location for his business. "The road could do with a proper café." he says. He wishes there was a place that did proper traditional cooking without all the fancy bits. He sometimes goes to Percy Ingle for lunch, but most of the time he brings his own sandwiches. Stan was born and raised on Columbia Road, then moved to Broadway Market before coming to the Chatsworth Road area. He told us that back in the 70s the market was so popular you had wait for people to die to get a stall. 


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Clapton Glass & Joinery

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