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If you look up Millfields Park on Google Earth and go back to the year 1945 using historical view, you will spot Clapton Stadium on the south eastern corner. The stadium was once the home ground for The Clapton Orient Football Club. Then the club moved to Leyton and eventually changed name to Leyton Orient. After that the stadium became a greyhound track. Sadly the stadium in Millfields Park is long gone but this summer, after decades of waiting, the park has now a brand new meeting place. Cooper & Wolf opened in July 2012 on the south west corner of the park on 145 Chatsworth Road. They offer yummy Scandinavian inspired cooking and top notch coffee. Drink a few espressos and you will run around like the greyhounds did.

Cooper & Wolf is run by husband and wife Alex and Sara, who met over a cup of coffee 12 years ago. Since then they got married, had a baby, moved to Clapton and there has been a coffee revolution in London. Cooper & Wolf has definitely understood how to make good coffee and we asked them about their coffee beans: ”We use Caravan Coffee roasted on Exmouth Market. A relatively new but small roasters established in 2010. We tried a lot of the independent roasters, but this was our favourite bean due to it's dark, rich and coco aroma. We immediately liked Caravan's ethos and the care with which they produce their beans. We are also very proud to be one of the few coffee shops to be supplied by Caravan in East London.”

Sara and the head chéf Paul are both Swedish and they have brought some secret family recipes over from Scandinavia. The meatballs are from Sara's grandmother Lisa who is still making them back home in Sweden for grandchildren and great grandchildren (she is in her mid 90s). The daily freshly baked Kanel Bullar (cinnamon rolls) is another punter's favourite and Sara grew up making them with her mum as a child. Try one and you are addicted! The chéf Paul's fishcakes recipe is from his grandmother Gertrude.

Some old-school Chats residents might recognise the counter at Cooper & Wolf. They got it from Kemal - the old shoe cobbler - before he retired a few months back. Kemal again inherited it from a gentlemen's clothing store at 88 Chatsworth Road (today Lumiere).

Alex and Sara think the community spirit is the best thing about Chatsworth Road. “There's a lot of support here. People seem to see the street as a whole rather than individual businesses which definitely is a good thing.”


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Cooper & Wolf

Caravan Coffee

Clapton Stadium

Kemal Shoe Cobbler



I Love Chatsworth Road loves coffee in its purest form.


Sara bakes fresh kanel bullor (cinnamon rolls) every day. The recipe is from her mum back home in Sweden.


The counter from Kemal the shoe cobbler. See link above for Kemal's old shop.


Alex and Sara during the making of the café.

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From left: Maja Larsson, James Hamilton (Head Barista), Alex Ratcliffe, Sara Ratcliffe, and Paul Ivarsson (Head Chef)