Diva Style

Diva Style

Andreen Francis has had her salon Diva Style on Chatsworth Road for six years and been a hair-stylist for more than 20. She loves making people pretty! Her brother Junior is a barber; he lives in Brighton with his lady and kids, but comes up half the week to help out. Junior is keen musician and often he stands outside the shop singing. Andreen thinks the market was better when it first opened in 2010, because it was more diverse then. Now it is too much food, she says. Like many others she think Chatsworth Road needs a good wine bar or pub, where people can meet and enjoy a drink after work. "There is nothing to do here in the evenings," she told us. 


All photos © Jørn Tomter/Tomter Photography

Andreen Francis inside her shop.


Junior is Andreen's brother and travels up from Brighton a few days a week to work as barber in Diva. The little girl is Andreen's daughter.

Kimberley gets hair extensions. She is a local resident and makes baby clothes by upcycling unwanted jumpers. Check out her brand Mini Magpie.com

Kimberely is using Diva Style because Andreen is skilled and has got friendly prices.


Esmine Brown is a carer at Homerton Hospital and comes to Diva twice a month to make sure she stays pretty. She always tries out something new.



Junior is giving the outside a bit of a shine.