Hackney Draper




What is your name: 

Daisy Sayer, shop manager

What is the name of your shop and what does it offer: 

The Hackney Draper, we offer bespoke soft furnishing services (curtains, blinds, upholstery…) and have a curated selection of textiles, rugs, home wares and everything you can wish to make your home a cosy one. We aim to have a collection of items that are from the past and made to last.

Which year did you open on Chatsworth Road: 

October 2014

What do you like the most about Lower Clapton: 

Bettina (co-manager who is currently on maternity) and myself live very locally. We like that the area has a great mix of cultures and a history to it. The community feeling that emerges from it is strong and something we love being part of. Also, it is clearly an upcoming area that is always a great asset for a new business.



Photo Jørn Tomter