Studio Souffle


Studio Soüfflé


Product Designer, Mahani Baharum and Creative Production Manager, Gaia Hannan, met in 2008 while working at a London based design studio specialising in awesome inflatable structures. 

The two discovered that their combined talents created a niche creative team bringing characters and distinctive structures to life in the form of giant inflatables for retail spaces, exhibitions, and the music and  creative arts industries.

So, in February 2012 Studio Soufflé was born! Today they are based on Brooksby's Walk next door to 46b Espresso Hut


Where are you from?

Gaia- Portland Oregon, USA

Mahani - Malaysia 


How long have you been in Lower Clapton?

About 2.5 years


What is Studio Souffle?

We design and make awesome inflatables, pop-up booths, window displays, atrium pieces and more!


What is the biggest inflatable you have made?

The biggest inflatable we made in the studio was about 12m long by 4 meters wide. The biggest structure we designed and had made was about 20m by 15m


Anything else you want to say?

We recently completed a project making an elephant with zebra stripes hanging from a hot air balloon. 

We would like to get involved in more exciting projects - the weirder the better! So, if you know anyone with a strange brief, send them our way and we will make it happen :)


All photos © Jørn Tomter /



The old Singer is Studio Soufflé's favourite tool. 


Plot print of an inflatable design. 


Colour samples 


Gaia Hannan, Mahani Baharum and little baby Medina.