The Roasting Shed


Ricardo and his Clapton family. Esther looks after the commercial side of The Roasting Shed. Little Emilio just likes to watch and play.


The Roasting Shed


We are big fans of coffee and we were really excited when we learned that there is a new coffee roastery in our neighbourhood. It's called The Roasting Shed and is a micro roastery with great taste in a garden shed. Brew yourself a coffee and have a read.


What are your names and the name of your business? Where are you originally from?

Ricardo Rendon Restrepo and Esther Kate Booth

The Roasting Shed

Ricci from Armenia a small town in Colombia, he’s been in London for about 8 years.

Esther originally from Lake District UK, but grew up in Germany and Oxford before London.


When did you start making coffee and the business?

Just over a year ago, the Roaster was bought in March 2013. The Roasting Shed and Emilio are both our 2013 babies.


Why did you start roasting coffee? 

Ricardo grew up in an area where coffee is grown and where his family and friends own coffee plantations. His dream was to import his Colombian coffee here into the UK. He found it hard to find anyone interested in roasting it for him in small batches, so he decided to do it himself. He studied how to roast green coffee, did a few courses, ordered a roaster and built a shed! Voila! - The Roasting Shed.


Can you mention a few of your customers and where we can get hold of TRS’ coffee locally?

We get lovely orders from our website. We retail at London Borough of Jam, and Palm 2 in Clapton. The De Beauvoir Deli in De Beauvoir town. You can also sample coffee at Nana Café on Chatsworth and The Proud Archivist off Kingsland Road. We hope to have a few new places stocking and using soon. We have a contract to supply Mother advertising agency in Shoreditch with all their coffee, where they have their own coffee bar!


Where have you had the best ever coffee? How do you drink your coffee? 

Ricardo – he drinks it black mostly in which case one from Sharps or Prufrock. But in case of a Flat white he says 46b Espresso Hut on Brooksbys Walk. Esther always a flat white. Love a 46b, Shoreditch Grind or Flat White on Berwick Street.


What is your advice for those who want to make a decent cup of coffee at home without spending a fortune on equipment? 

Get yourself an Aeropress. Quick and easy to use. Used to use a stovetop but aluminium is BAD for you. Aeropress is consistently good for strength and flavour.


The coffee culture in London has changed drastically over the last five years. Do you have any predictions on how it will develop over the next years?

I think more people will start choosing coffee as part of a lifestyle choice. Flavour and quality will direct choice, as well as where and when the coffee was roasted. I hope that quality establishments will continue to pop up. Life really is too short to drink bad coffee.


How long have you lived in Lower Clapton? How do you like it? Where do you go for a cup of coffee locally?  

We moved here 3 years ago. We love it! Very liberating and we’ve met really cool people. I have the best coffee made for me every morning. It’s freshly roasted and ground, then expertly made for me by the man I love, in our shed! 


Anything else you want to mention?

Thank you very much for your interview! Clapton really is full of super peeps.


The Roasting Shed online:

The Roasting Shed homepage


All photos © Jørn Tomter / 2014





Ricardo is keeping the raw beens safely stored in their living room. 


How the coffee beans look like when they arrive at The Roasting Shed. After they are picked by the farmer they get washed and sorted through a quality control. 


The coffee beans are roasted for approximately 12 minutes. Ricardo is keeping a constant eye on the machine to avoid getting the beans burned. 


This is a sampler spoon so the roaster can take out a few beans at a time to check the progress. 


The curve shows temprature and time beans are roasted. Starting temprature is 220 degrees C, which drops when you add the beans. Then it steadily goes up and up. 


Ricardo collecting the freshly roasted beans. He has a very strict quality control to create the best possible coffee experience.


The bean from raw to final roast.


A handful of roast!


If you go for a meeting at Mother Advertising agency in Shoreditch you should say yes if they are offering you a cup of coffee. Every week they get freshly made coffee delivered by Ricardo in small bags like this; perfect for a filter brew. This could be one of the reasons why Mother is regarded as one of the best in their industry.... 


18 grams of happiness! Each espresso meassures 18 grams of coffee.


Ricardo explained to us that getting a perfect grind is very important. If your grains are too fine you might end up with a burnt coffee or bitter taste. If you make it too coarse the coffee will have less body and flavour. 


Our coffee was just about perfect! 


Ricardo having a coffee break after a roasting session.