Zeka Ozyurek


Zeka made the centrefold illustration for I Love Chatsworth Road magazine issue 5. We met up with him during the process and asked him some questions. 

What is your name?

Zeka Özyürek

How old are you?


How long have you live on Chatsworth Road?

28 years and counting.

What is your illustration about and what is the inspiration behind it?

My illustration is about celebrating the market at its pinnacle. In the 1930s, the market stretched the full length of the road. With a deadline of two weeks, I immediately knew I wanted to create something classical with bold lettering, which pays homage to the sign makers and scratch board artists of that period. Something engaging to make you want to cut it out and display. I've been heavily inspired by old movie posters and vintage post cards. Having already been fond of traditional calligraphy, it felt like a natural process to follow.

What kind of design work do you usually like to make?

I like to make anything that inspires me, from sketches to sculptures. I generally make art with visual metaphors in various mediums such as acrylic, spray paint and CMYK printing. Product design is also close to my heart. I enjoy making products influenced by ergonomics and innovation.

Did you study graphic design and where?

I studied 3D design and level 3 Art and Design at HCC, but my graphics design is self taught.

What do you think is the best thing about Chatsworth Road (and nearby) and what do you think can be better?

Tough question! What I love most about Chatsworth Road is you can find everything you need. There's a lot to say about Chatsworth Road and the nearby area, it is constantly evolving for the better. My most visited shops are the Star Discount Store and Everything But The Dog. I also believe 'Vortek', our local road sweeper, is the unsung hero of Chatsworth Road. He works incredibly hard to keep our streets clean. I think Chatsworth Road can be better by bringing awareness for parking near the market on a Sunday. There's a small confusing patch of the road that risks having your car towed away. This isn't good for people who visit the area.

Instagram: @3eyes2lips

Twitter: @bespokebunch

Website: www.bespokebunch.com

Photography: Jørn Tomter / tomter.net