Elaine and Mark



What are your names?:

Elaine, Mark, Myles and Willa and Taco the dog

What do you do?:

Elaine: Student Recruitment and Marketing Officer at the University of East London

Mark: CTO at AlgoEngineering Europe ltd: (financial technology firm specializing in proprietary low latency systematic trading on electron exchanges)

How many years have you lived in Clapton?:

We've lived in Clapton for 7 years but in Hackney for almost 20.

What do you like the most about your living in Clapton:

1)  The amazing mix of people and the fashion.  Anything goes in Clapton.  You see people from all walks of life, ages, ethnicity, all together. I love the fact that you could literally walk out the house dressed in almost anything and nobody would bat an eyelid.   

2) Hackney Marshes.  Elaine loves running with the dog every morning on Hackney Marshes.  It's amazing that you can run down the road from a really urban area and be out in a big open and quite wild field within minutes.  

Posted January 2016


Hackney Marshes, January 2016