Forest Kids


It might come as a shock to many British parents that kids can play outdoors when it rains, snows or blows. But it is fully possible and the kids love it! After visiting an outdoor nursery in Norway, local Chatsworth Road area resident Kimberley decided to start a weekly outdoor walking and exploring group with her fellow parent friend Eva. The name and motto is 'Forest Kids - come rain and shine the marshes are fine!'. They meet every Monday and Wednesday and everyone is welcome. 

Carry Me Bikes is a new venture in Clapton set up by Alix Stredwick. She shares many of the Forest Kids values. Her aim is to get people cycling and to make them enjoy using their body to move around the city. Her speciality is Cargo bikes and they are great for shopping or a picnic in the forest. No parking tickets needed! 


Carry Me Bikes

Forest Kids Hackney

All photos ©Jørn Tomter /Tomter Photography