Local bands # 1


From left: Phil Brunner, Sasha Ilyukevich, Ned Crowther and Mak Murtic.

The Chatsworth Road area is home to many great bands! The first band to be visited by us is Sasha Ilyukevich and The Higly Skilled Migrants. We hooked up with them on the second floor in one of the houses on Chatsworth Road while they were doing a rehearsal with Mak Murtic (sax) as an experiment to put horns on their songs for a gig at Jamboree in Limehouse.

Last year we saw them live in the garden at 33 Chatsworth Road and we were blown back by the Russian Folk'n'Roll energy.

How is the music?: Drink three shots of vodka, load your imagery rifle gun, think about a big brown bear and shout! 

Their new single Kolya is out on the 28th April 2012. 


Sasha Ilyukevich and The Higly Skilled Migrants


Free Belarus Now

All photos © Jørn Tomter / Tomter Photography