Pedro Club 1


After the success of the first pop-up studio in 33 Chatsworth Road in November 2011, photographer Jørn Tomter decided to do another. This time he chose the Pedro Boxing and Youth Club on Rushmore Road. The club has a long history and has produced many great boxers.  A great place to get rid of some aggression.  We asked them to make a comment on their neighbourhood.


All photos © Jørn Tomter/Tomter Photography

Sharif, 42 years old


Osayi, 22 years old


Morisson, 31 years old


Talha, 24 years old


Celal, 15 yerars old


Dimari, 12 years old

"It's alright!"


Paddy, 10 years old

"I like it, its good!"


John Bradley, 9 years old

"It's OK!"


Marielly, 24 years old


Denir, 64 years old


Fara, 13 years old

"I like it because it's cool and there is shops and things close to my house. Not full of gangs, no one causes trouble."