Pedro Club 4


Brain Paddick and James Cook MBE.


The Manifesto

Pedro Youth & Boxing club has again been visited by a celebrity. This time it was Brian Paddick who was trying to get real, by coming to Pedro to launch his manifesto for the upcoming Mayor of London election. His motto is "You breakf it. You fix it." We say "You visit. You fund it."Let's hope that Brian Paddick remembers Pedro's need for continous funding to excist, if he ever gets elected. 


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Elizabeth Taylor and Pedro

The secret Millionaire falling in love with Pedro

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The wall of heroes!

Roosevelt Morrison is originally from Ghana, but now he lives around the corner from Pedro with his wife and kids. Pedro is his second home and he admits that looking after a child is harder than working out all day. 

Two years ago David Cameron was standing at the excact spot with his wife for a photo op. We are not convinced if Cameron understands the need of clubs like this. 

Derek Williams and Brian Paddick

Brian Paddick photographed with Derek Williams and Tim Witherspoon.