Around the market

Title Sunday Best

Solomon on the way to church while the market is getting ready for trading.


All photos ©Jørn Tomter/Tomter Photography


From left: Isac (on scooter), Per, Albert (under the table), Antoinette, Tuva and Maria are enjoying their breakfast outside Le'Picerie on Chatsworth Road. 







Local kid Odin and his auntie Mona visiting from Norway.Odin's mum is Kimberley who runs Mini Magpie - one of the stalls on the market.




Guilherme Zauith is a Brazilian photographer who is also photographing our amazing neighbourhood. This is from his exhiibtion at 33 Chatsworth Road in 2011. 



Did you know that basketball was invented in Massachettes, USA, in 1891 to keep gym classes active with sports indoors on rainy days? In Millfeilds Park by Chatsworth Road Joshua, Murkz, Ahley and Ahmed are shooting loops and hanging out on a regular basis. Pop by if you want to challenge them for a game.


These public toilets are conveniently placed on Chatsworth Road. There are plenty of volunteers who want to open and run it, but the council says no. A shame really. 


Clare and Ruth, spring 2011

Odin celebrates the market's first birthday!


Sam is local to Chatsworth Road and runs the Netil Market, which is also in Hackney. 


Watching the market life! Lynn (right) is a weaver and Claire next to her is her intern.