London Borough of Jam


London Borough of Jam

We believe a good chéf is never afraid of sharing his/her recipes. Even if you share it no one will be able to copy it 100% anyway. The main ingredient is love, and you can't measure love. Lillie also believes in sharing knowledge and shared today's jam recipe with us (see photo). She is behind London Borough of Jam and she makes highly addictive jam, which you can buy at Chatsworth Road Market every week. She made white peach and thyme jam when we visited. You can try to make it yourself; or you can just buy a jar next time you go to the market and enjoy a friendly chat at the same time. We asked Lillie if she believes in sharing: “Of course! I love to share the knowledge I have gained from making Jam and when people come and ask me advice at the market I happily help. I also like to encourage people to try and use different ingredients especially in late summer when there is a abundance of plants growing wild.”

Lillie O'Brien is originally from Melbourne, Australia, but married to an Englishman and lives in the Chatsworth Road area, Hackney. She used to work for St John Restaurant where she started making jam, but then decided to start her own jam production full-time summer 2011 . Beside Chatsworth Road Market she supplies to E5 Bakehouse, Leila's Shop, The Deli Downstairs and A. Gold in Spitalfields. You can also taste it when you spend the night at Russell's of Clapton or have a snack at 46b Espresso Hut, both on Chatsworth Road. Lillie's favourite jam is Loganberry which has a short season and lovely tart flavour.

What do you like about the Chats Rd. area?: “I love the sense of community and being part of the market has meant I've met so many more locals. I try and do most of my shopping locally so that I can support all of the businesses. Apart from meat and fish we pretty much have everything we need for day to day living.”

What do you think can be improved?:“I think we could integrate younger people into the market and have more variety of stalls so that there is something for everyone. Possibly a stall every week paid by the market to encourage local teenagers to use and learn how to run a stall. It is a brilliant introduction to the world of running a business and could inspire many to expand.”


London Borough of Jam

St John Restaurant

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