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Mini Magpie

Mini Magpie is a new baby and children's upcycling brand based on principles of sustainability playfulness and the needs of children. The clothes are made from reclaimed wool and cashmere and are designed to be comfortable and look effortlessly cool. 

Kimberley Golding, 29, is a Hackney Work-at-Home mum and former fashion designer who started making soft little pieces for her unborn son, Odin, from her old cashmere jumpers, since showing her efforts to friends she was inspired to go ahead and start Mini Magpie, sourcing unwanted jumpers to make quality clothes.

Kimberley published a guide showing how to make your own Mini Magpie suit and also has starting spreading the message by teaching a 'how to' class. 

Mini Magpie clothes are sold at Chatsworth Road and Netil Markets in Hackney and online at Etsy and Folksy as well as London children's boutiques like Three Potato Four.

We asked Kimberley what she thinks of the Chatsworth Road Market: "I really love working at Chatsworth Road Market, I have been here since may 2010. The local vibe is really lovely and it is a great neigbourhood to live in, people really seem to be interested in improving their area, meeting people and starting new things. I have got really good feedback from being here, which has enabled me to tailor more to what the local people are after. I have also made good friends with a lot of other parent which is great."

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Kimberley Golding from Mini Magpie on her way to open her stall on a Sunday morning. 



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