Pop-Up Dog Walkers


Sigita and Rupert. September 2016

"We love Hackney Marshes. We spend lots of time in here. Every day really. We meet lots of local people. It's very important for the community."


Sarah and Tony, Pickle and Gigi. September 2016

"We love the wide open spaces of the marshes. It's an amazing urban wild landscape. Pickle has arthritis so we can walk further and give him a res with the pram."


Laura and Gladstone. September 2016

"We love living by this huge expanse of green, and bumping into all our lovely dog buddies."



Augusto. September 2016

"Good place"



Wizzo and Alex. September 2016.

"Hackney Marshes is a great dog walking area full of varied views and the best thing is a final walk along the canal to Here East for breakfast!"



Jackie. September 2016

"You can walk for miles and see cows, horses, boats, birds of prey + it's in Hackney"



Jackie with Ernie, Corky, Hoolie and Beth

"Beautiful open space complimented by hidden secluded spots. Meeting the amazing people of Hackney. Lived here for 28 years, best place in London."



Stuart and Crusoe. September 2016

"We walk here every day. The nature reserve areas are great. We're so lucky to have such a big green space in London."


Pawel and Daisy. September 2016



Denise and Cathy. September 2016

"We love walking the dog on the marshes and beyond (like walking in the country side)."



Denise and Cathy. September 2016

"We love walking the dog on the marshes and beyond (like walking in the country side)."



Laura. September 2016.

"The marshes are amazing for dogs. Frank goes crazy, running in circles with all the space + he loves the dog beach on the river. We always talk to someone new every day."



Siobhain. September 2016

"Most incredible place - and in zone 2!!!. We are so lucky. Closest thing to living in the countryside in London."



Zoe. September 2016.