Pop-Up Studio at 33 Chatsworth Road


Max-Simion and Jude are dedicated E5 citizens.


In November 2011 Jorn Tomter - local photographer and the creator of all photographs on this website, opened his first in a planned series of pop-up portrait studios around Chatsworth Road. The concept is simple; people get a free portrait and a free print to take home. More than 300 local residents popped by during the first week and what you see here is a small selection. Every person was also given an oppurtunity to comment on the neighbourhood. 


All photos ©Jørn Tomter/Tomter Photography

Tiana and Kemar


Olumide Solomon

"I have lived in Hackney for some time and I really think it is one of the best boroughs in England!"


Seamus Glancy


Joel Shokoya

"This neighbourhood is vibrant and full of character."


Holly Shall

"Best neighbourhood in town!"


Jermaine Dacas

"A long way from the way it was and going someway to what it can and should be."


Yetta Akerele


Sureeyah Grant

"It's nice!"


Leslie Saunders

"The most multicultural multicultural and diverse communities in London. Shame it is not praised for its beauty."


Menezik Brown

"It can be a quiet place at nighttime."