Where are you based?
Glyn Road (just off Chatsworth Road), Homerton, East London

When was it established?
Back in 2015 - it was our 5th birthday during lockdown, the champagne is still on ice!

What kind of services do you offer?
We are a member's darkroom. Membership's can range from a day, month, to a year. Members get access to both Black and White, and Colour darkroom printing facilities; negative development facilities; scanner; and in the summer we run alternative photography workshops such a Wet Plate Collodion; Cyanotype; Pinhole and more!

Do you need to be a member and how do you become one?
Yes - for legal reasons to use our space you need to be a member. But, fortunately, you can be a member for just a day if necessary. All prices can be found on our website and start at £25 for half a day.
How have you adapted to the Covid-19 restrictions?
This has been a tricky one, and unfortunately to operate we have had to drastically reduce our capacity to a quarter of what it previously was. We now only allow a maximum of 5 printers to use the space in a day. Previously we could cater for 20. Additionally, you can only book 4-hour half-day sessions (no full-day sessions), and we are no longer open in the evenings. Hand sanitiser, as well as disposable gloves, are provided. We ask you to bring your own mask.

Our capacity has been drastically reduced by social distancing as we are a small place. But it is good to have the doors open finally. We will be keeping a close eye on Government updates, and when they relax, our capacity will increase.

Other events E5 Process do
This year, none! COVID!!!
But usually, we run annual exhibitions for all our members to showcase their work.
And as previously mentioned, we usually run a number of summer workshops.
That said, this year we had a three-week alternative photography festival going to be held at the E5 Darkrooms - unfortunately, this has been postponed to next summer.

Why do you prefer analogue photography?
Ha - where to start! If anything, we'd say the darkroom provides a fantastic opportunity to meet other professional photographers, as well as hobbyists... something you dont get when doing digital edits from home!

Anything else you want to add
We are working on setting up weekly film nights in our yard. A couple of quid on entry, bring some beers, and enjoy some art house films.