“I have met a lot of people while working on the I Love Chatsworthroad project, and to me the core value in photography is humans. We all know that it is the photographer’s subjective view that is presented, but nevertheless a photo is some kind of record of a person and/or place. I enjoy commissions where I meet celebrities, but the best encounters are always with everyday people with a story to tell. To me the person who made me really want to document the people of my neighbourhood is Kaye. One morning cycling to a meeting I spotted this lovely lady sitting outside her house enjoying the sun. I go by the motto “don’t think just take the photo”; once you give an idea too much time you find excuses to not do it. I got of my bike and started talking. Two hours later I was still there and had missed my meeting. But the stories I got and the hospitality Kaye gave me were priceless. She has always lived in this house, once married she and her husband shared it with her parents, and then sadly her husband passed away a couple of years before I met her the first time, so now she is on her own. She is an enthusiastic amateur photographer and her walls are filled with snaps - every picture with a story to tell. She was thrilled when her picture ended up on the cover of Hackney Gazette and in I Love Chatsworth Road magazine. I met up with her a few times, but sadly a while back she fell ill and for a long time she preferred to be alone. To me Kaye is the heart of Chatsworth Road. “ - Jørn