Nicki Knightz

What is your name?
My name is Nicki Knightz, artist and fashion icon.

How long have you lived in Homerton?
Forever and an eternity, it feels like. Since the beginning.

How long have you been making music?
I started writing music when I was 15/16. Initially it was me making webcam videos (small written raps) for my small Facebook following.
That evolved to me then venturing into writing poetry as a way to express my thoughts and feelings. It wasn't until 15/16 that I'll say I started making music properly and actually doing recordings- thanks to my musical partner, Henny Knightz who had a bedroom studio.
The music I started making was trash. I hadn't fully mastered my skills of rapping in my early releases. I'd like to say I'm the best I have ever been lol. The music I make now I'd say is real, it's raw, it's refreshing and most importantly to me, it's freeing.

What are you launching on Sunday?
I'm releasing my second project 'For The Uninformed' following my last release 'Hate' in late 2018. A small but powerful piece of work put together by myself, Henny and my g 'Stopboringme'. A collection of stories for those who are/were uninformed.

Did you make it yourself or did you have collaborator on music and filming?
I wrote everything on the project. Henny Knightz produced the tape, 2 songs have bass guitar performed by Stopboringme. In regards to filming, the video I intended to do with the projects release was rescheduled. All I had was the project completed with not much else. No artwork, no press images/social imagery. But with the help of those around me, everything fell into place quite nicely. Nick Wotton helped me out by creating the artwork for the project, big up him. For socials, I went out and bought 2 Kodak Funsaver disposable cameras and got my girlfriend to take pictures of me with a borrowed England flag from Henny. I wanted my Instagram campaign to reflect the era/cultures I'm talking about within the project. I wanted to create that London late 80s early 90s feel , not posed but very natural. I made a little promotional video for the project with my friend Lauryn who acted out within it and who was keen to be apart of something I was doing. Literally over 3 days. Shot it on my iPhone, edited it and boom. The campaign was challenging but fun.

It’s lockdown and we need to use what we have. Tell us about how you are getting on making music with the restrictions.
When it first started, I wrote everyday more or less and was super motivated to walk out of this time with heaps of music. Fast forward in recent weeks and I've been feeling uninspired and de-motivated. However, I'm learning to be nicer to myself and not try to force the writing aspect yet be productive in other ways, still creatively.

What’s your favourite shops in the area?
Defo Paks. A key place that has been there throughout my entire hair journey, the good and the bad. Affordable and a wide range of products.

Any local artists you want to give a shoutout?
Of course my guy, Henny Knightz - my producer and best friend. He also makes his own music. Go check his new project RHOE out everywhere!

Anything else you want to say?
If you have got to the bottom of this, it must have been interesting. Follow my journey @nickiknightz on Instagram for style ideas lol and great music. A refreshing phenomenon from your area. 

‘For The Uninformed' OUT 31st May 

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