Photography Jørn Tomter / tomter.net

HairdresserWomen Are Very Important (WAVI) is a relatively newcomer on Chatsworth Road. Not sure how they do it, but every person I see leaving the place is looking stunning, no matter how they looked on arrival. If you have a date to impress it might be worth popping by WAVI first. 
We met up with the wonderful owner Cansu:

I’ve been here for10 months - I was born in East London, Homerton.
Describe your shop in five words?New, women empowered, peaceful, creative, relaxing
Most of my customers are locals, creative, trendy, happy :)
It’s important to me that my shop is always friendly, clean, smells good.
Is there a tradition of hairdressing in your family? Hairdressing runs in my family; my mother and father has been in the industry since my childhood.
Growing up I wanted to be a psychologist
You win the lottery, do you still come into work? YES! My job makes me happy, I can't imagine not being in this environment and being happy.
The best part of my job? is making my clients feel good and also having regular girl chats  (imagine having girl time all the time for work ). Most girls’ dream.
The worst part of my job? Really hard to think of something. If I must answer it will be the late shifts.
What’s for lunch today? I actually went out on Chatsworth road for lunch today, which is rare - had avocado dream at Stone Bro's. Loved it!
Is there a gentleman’s pact on the streetYes! I wont sell the same thing as my neighbor. Also try to buy from locals only, it’s all about the support.
What’s the most expensive thing in your shop? Time 🙂. Treatment wise all our prices varies to what the individuals need and want.
The cheapest?
The best selling?We sell bit of everything, WAVI signature blow drys and balayage at the moment is up there.

COFFEE(!) gets me through the day
Busy days or quiet, which do you prefer? Busy of course time, flows and it’s fun.
What do you do in the store when you think no-one’s watching?I play with my dog Brooklyn
What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen on Chatsworth road?Two naked drunks stopped in front of the salon to take a photo of my dog Brooklyn. Weird! Not the photo part, but of course them being naked.:-)
What one thing would improve Chatsworth road? Traffic 🙂 too many road works also I would like to see more bars and coffee shops - can't have enough.
Since I’ve been here Chatsworth road has changed for the better 

Working here I’ve learned that Hackney is the place to be.
Tell us a secret. The secret is in my talent. can't tell, can only show.

Instagram: @wavilondon
Website: wavilondon.com